Help Build A Local Economy… and a New Story

Help Build A Local Economy… and a New Story

BALE (Building A Local Economy) is working to build a new story of engagement and resilience in the communities of the White River watershed. Given the clarion call of climate scientists and engaged citizens from around the world, BALE plays a critical role identifying and implementing actions that can catalyze systemic change. The initiatives we seek to build have both educational and experiential value. They teach participants about the deep ecological, economic, and spiritual interdependencies that characterize our current situation, and demonstrate how we can take actions to positively transform our communities and ourselves. BALE believes we need to build appropriately scaled solutions from the ground up, taking back, as much as possible, our economy, our culture, and our democratic instruments by re-injecting humanity and authentic relationships into all that we do. Bringing all folks, respectfully, to this awareness is the great challenge of our time. BALE sees itself as a very small part of this emerging global story.

White River Community Solar Launched Fall 2015

This is a project of the Energy Clinic at Vermont Law School and BALE (Building A Local Economy). Community solar allows individuals and businesses that are otherwise unable or unwilling to install solar on their residences or commercial buildings, to buy a portion of a shared solar array. The electricity generated by the solar array is credited to the customer’s electricity bill, based on their share of the solar array. For more information, contact Gregg Freeman at

BALE Awarded $25,000 Matching Grant


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Wow. Someone likes what we’re doing! That someone is the Canaday Family Charitable Trust, and we are grateful for this show of support. They are challenging YOU to help keep this dynamic community group known as BALE (Building A Local Economy) thriving.
But, a matching grant is only as wonderful as the successful matching funds gathered. So, needless to say, your financial support now is what will drive that success.
Please give now and help us reach this goal. Your gift is doubled!!
Engaging, Transformative, & Local.
* BALE is about dialogue and education
* BALE is about respectful engagement
* BALE is about retrieving the commons
* BALE is about fresh local initiatives
* BALE is about seeking a transformative path
You’ve seen our work. Now, be a part of the organization that’s changing the way forward.


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