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Your role in building an engaged, resilient economy starts now. BALE can provide you with the education to build and participate in localized economies that help buffer the negative impacts of a globalized economic order.

Many ideas/initiatives emerged out of the “Why Build A Local Economy” series. Now we can provide you with the education to help you bring your interest and enthusiasm into these white river2efforts (or help you with a proposed effort you might have).

This is your invitation to get educated and improve your skills! If participating in and building a local economy is something you’d like to learn more about… or you want more detailed information, go to our Action Central site here.

Where you can plug in! Visit our Action Central site here for details and learn how you can build and participate in a more resilient, local economy.

  • Community Crop Storage Facilities: Developing winter crop storage in our communities.
  • ValleyFEST: A Celebration of All Things Local (formerly BALE Fest) on the Green in South Royalton on Thursday, June 11, 2015.
  • Royalton Community Radio: An all-volunteer low-power community radio station.
  • Local Investing Initiative: Launching a “Local Investment Club” in 2015.
  • White River Timebank: Learn how you can participate in this timebank and exchanging hours instead of dollars… and strengthen your local economy at the same time.
  • The Commons @ BALE: A community space for the whole community.
  • “Why Build A Local Economy” Goes Local: Educational programming in many towns in the White River Valley that deepen the understand of the need to build local capacity and resilience.


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