Investing in Local and Sustainable

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White River Investment Club

The White River Investment Club (WRIC) is a group of local residents dedicated to creating a better future through local investing. Our mission is to enable its members to make local investments which help themselves and their communities – and improve the overall quality of life in the White River watershed.

Started only last year, the Club has already made investments in EC Fiber (a community owned fiber option network for high-speed internet to every home) and Kiss the Cow Farm (for a USDA-certified mobile chicken slaughtering facility).

The Club operates democratically: Each member has one vote, and an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the members is required to approve an investment. Prior to voting on investments, club members evaluate investment opportunities using a club-developed tool that screens potential investments relative to the club’s values. The screening tool uses six criteria chosen as important by our members: (1) Risk, (2) Return, (3) Environmental Effect, (4) Local Character, (5) Social Impact, and (6) Local Economic Impact. Members rank potential investments using a transparent scale from one to five for each of these criteria.

WRIC is also accepting applications for membership. Members are required to invest at least $1,000 and be willing to actively participate. Regular meetings of the members are held about once a month. If you have questions or are interested in joining the club, please contact Steve Aldrich at 802 234-5140.


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