June 17 Gala Menu

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A Community Meal to Remember… and It’s Free

The community really comes together for this event and the headliner is Sarah Natvig of Black Krim Tavern in Randolph. Clearly one of the most creative chefs in the region, she has lined up an inspiring menu featuring a majority of foods produced locally. The l menu sarah natvigwill feature caprese style salad; focaccia; barbecued pulled pork from Back Beyond Farm; Vermont turtle black beans & blue cheese polenta; vegetable slaw from Pebble Brook Farm; strawberry mint pie; crème fraiche and mascarpone from Vermont Creamery; ginger toasted granola using oats from Hunger Mountain Coop; and caramel from Fat Toad Farm.

To entertain you while you eat and visit your neighbors, Randy Leavitt, John McHugh, and Justin Parks (otherwise known as Stones Throw), will provide fiddle, guitar and mandolin music. Bethel Elementary and Whitcomb School students are pitching in to create table decorations.


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