2016 Auction: The Coolest Items Still Looking for Your Bid

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Picasso has nothing on this artist. Jose Benaldrich-huicholitez Sanchez is a Huichol native shaman from a remote area of central Mexico and is world-renowned for his yarn paintings. This fabulous work, made in 1982, is a relatively small (1′ X 1′), while much of his work is large format 4′ X 8′. This is a steal at $625 (it needs a $325 minimum bid). Yes… it’s as vibrant as it looks here.

Want one auction item that is almost guaranteed to pay you back several times over? Try bidding on the Catamount Trail Association membership at a going price of $35. For that you get a bandana, trail maps and a very cool coupon book that has discounts good all over Vermont — mostly on ski and outdoor activity — totaling  $1200 in deals. C’mon now… you can miss.

There lots more where these come from. Just click HERE.


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