Month: February 2017

Launching a Community Art-Build

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Where does creativity meet social engagement, whether it is about a dishonest President, climate change, immigrant and prisoner rights, or failure of democratic systems to protect the most vulnerable and corporations too big to fail? Is now the time for artists and change makers to join in a joyful expression of frustration and hope? Can we help connect a community of creative and inspired leaders? Can we make music, theater, and visual art for the grassroots… for the street and community spaces?

Those are some of the questions that are expected to emerge at the first Community Art-Build gathering to take place at the Commons @ BALE in South Royalton on Thursday, March 2 from 2-4 p.m. Anyone interested in exploring and acting through art and creativity in these troubling times is welcome to join in.


Weaving Together a Community’s Story

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Sharing Stories in South Royalton

tomontina2Tom Ball lives and works in the South Royalton community. He loves Harley Davidsons and owns and operates Tatunka Tattoo. He doesn’t know Phanuelle Duchatalier, who lives in the same town and goes to Vermont Law School. She is a native of Port au Prince, Haiti and is President of the Black Law Student Association at school. They are part of the same community but their paths don’t typically cross. Still. they – and many others – represent the weaving together of a diverse community that is stronger and more respectful of each other if they can see and feel the commonality of their lives in this community. Telling their stories is a great place to start. Come hear their stories… and perhaps you might want to offer yours…

A Woven Thread: Thursday, March 2 from 6-8 PM at the Commons @ BALE, 35 South Windsor Street, South Royalton, Vermont. Sponsored by the Vermont Law School and BALE.