Public Vermont State Bank – May 21st

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  One of the goals of Vermonters for a New Economy is create a state bank in Vermont.  Learn why Vermont needs a Public State Bank and how close we are to having one! – we can all can help support this incredible goal by learning and talking about it with each other and with our legislators.

Check out this link to hear Gwen Hallsmith, our local financial and public bank expert, explain how it works, and why a public bank could help to shore up debt, bring profits home, and reinvest in Vermont. Vermonters for a New Economy, sponsored a study by the University of Vermont’s Gund Institute for Ecological Economics and the Political and Economic Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts to determine the economic impact on Vermont of a state bank. The study demonstrated that a public bank that kept Vermont’s tax dollars in the state and used those dollars for economic development and infrastructure would create over 2,500 jobs, more than $190 million in value-added productivity and more than $340 million in gross state product. For a state of 600,000 people with $27 billion in annual GDP, these are substantial economic improvements, amounting to a 1.26 percent boost to growth.  Click here to learn more. And feel free to write or email,, or if you want to join the People’s Commission for a VT State Bank. 

Come to our gathering May 21st in Cabot VT


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