Summer Solstice Meets Wild Roots – June 20th

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Once a year in June, BALE (Building A Local Economy) has a fundraising dinner that celebrates our vibrant community life and the amazingly strong local food culture exemplified by our area’s most inspired chefs. There’s two new twists for this year: First, Wild Roots Restaurant (at the Fox Stand) Royalton will host this year’s “Summer Solstice Party & Celebration of All Things Local” on Tue., June 20 starting at 5:30 PM. Second, the cost of the evening is divided into two: $45 for an incredible full course meal and then a donation of any amount that works for you to BALE ($45 is the actual cost of the meal). Come meet new owners and chef Jayne, Josh and Peter and celebrate with great local food on the longest night of the year. For more info and reservations, click HERE.  See approximate menu below!

static1.squarespace.png               2017-05-20.jpg


Menu approximation (subject to seasonal changes):
Cheese and Charcuterie ~ served with provisions and bread ~ and “Mocktails”

Timberdoodle (cow, buttery, washed rind, Woodcock Farm Weston VT)

Mixed Drum (cow and goat, semi-hard, slight salinity, toasted nut finish, Twig Farm, Cornwall VT)

Madison (cow, dark chocolate notes, crumbly, tangy finish, Gr. Mtn. Blue Cheese, Highgate Cntr. VT)

Country Pork Terrine (mustard, roasted carrots and leeks)

Coppa di Testa (oil cured chillies, parsley)

Vermont Pork Salumi (red wine, garlic, fennel, Charlitos, Waitsfield, VT

Farm Share (abundant vegetables, sunflower seed dip, bagna cauda)


“seeing pink” (black currant, ginger beer, pink peppercorn)

“london dry” (juniper, tonic, lime)


To Share (choose one)

Dry aged beef tartare (charred onions, egg yolk, pickled coriander, grilled bread)

Salted beets + horseradish (roasted onion, wild greens, sherry vinegar)


Supper (choose one)

Shitake mushroom + cracked grain (egg, sheep’s milk cheese, fermented garli)

Roasted half duck (parsnips, kale, radishes, charmoula)



Leafy greens (buttermilk dressing, vegetables


Dessert (choose one)

Pound cake (Rhubarb + creme fraiche)

Chocolate molten cake (vanilla ice cream)


Coffee and Tea 

Abracadabra Coffee Woodstock, VT

Tisanes/Teas from Free Verse Farm Chelsea, VT



Cash Bar – beers on tap, cider, mixed drinks


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