Save the Dates: Localize It! What Resilience Looks Like: October 21-22

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Save the Dates:
Localize It! What Resilience Looks Like

BALE’s (Building A Local Economy’s) major initiative for 2017 is the convening of a New England wide gathering called “Localize It! What Resilience Looks Like” on Sat.-Sun., Oct. 21-22 at Vermont Law School in South Royalton. It’s goal: To accelerate a localizing movement across the region as a systemic response to climate change, economic injustice and frayed democracies. This solutions-focused gathering currently features presenters Frances Moore Lappe (author of Diet for a Small Planet and founder of Small Planet Institute), Sherri Mitchell(founder and director of the Land Peace Foundation), Jonathan Rosenthal(director of the New Economy Coalition), Helena Norberg Hodge (founder and director of Local Futures and the International Alliance for Localization), Chuck Collins (senior policy analyst at Institute for Policy Studies), and includes over 50 break-out dialogues still being designed and scheduled. You are invited to bring your initiative, wisdom and active participation as we begin to build a new story that is resilient and sustainable. If you want to help make this event a success, there are many ways to volunteer, including assisting with housing, pre-event logistics and tasks on both days of the convening. For more info, contact Chris Wood HERE.


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