September 2nd – Beyond separation: practicing embodiment for social transformation

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How can we embody solidarity and co-liberation? What does this work look like in these extraordinary times? First we must gain familiarity with the patterns of our own bodies that fragment us internally, and seperate us from one another. Using a mixture of practices stemming from the organizations “Generative Somatics” and “The Strozzi Institute”, we will gently explore how systems of social division like race, gender, and ability, exist in our bodies, and recreate themselves through interaction. We will also explore how to more fully embody solidarity through deepening our connection with one another.

Adin Buchanan was born into the Winooski river water shed of central Vermont. He is currently a student at Hampshire college, studying transformative education and community organizing, and working with peers as a public speaking and facilitation coach. Back home in Vermont, he has five years experience co-creating and facilitating nature education programs for youth. His deep passions lie at the intersection of social justice, creative, visionary leadership, and connection to the living Earth. He appreciates fresh berries, pleasantly absurd humor, and coffee with various types of “mylk”.

Suzanne is a recovering academic, with over three decades facilitating health and sustainability studies at Goddard College. Before Goddard she taught at the Institute for Social Ecology, toured with a public performance-Turtle Island Visions and Soundscape, did health education at the Fort Totten Reservation in North Dakota and Renz Women’s Prison, and facilitated garden projects in the inner city.

She lives on a small-scale homestead crowded with fruit trees and berries, gardens, herbs, flowers, a vineyard, mushroom logs, and a stone meditation garden and loves to conspire with her 20 year old son.

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