‘Visions of a Better World’ in Your Community

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BALE (Building A Local Economy) wants to bring an intriguing program to your woahhcommunity, be that your town hall, library, or even your living room. “Visions of a Better World: Social Movements for Transformation” is a two-hour program available for free that will spark timely dialogue. Millions of people across the U.S. and around the world, stirred by visions of a better world, are daring to rethink and reinvent institutions on local, regional, national and international levels. Reflecting diverse influences and points of view, these activists and thinkers go beyond conventional partisan arguments. They share an emerging realization that modern civilization has entered a phase of historic transformation, a fundamental shift in our worldview.

Join historian/educator Ron Miller, coordinator of the Woodstock Learning Lab and a BALE board member, for an overview of these diverse new visions, including movements and concepts such as the “new economy,” agroecology, permaculture, transition towns, food sovereignty, relocalization, reclaiming the commons, Slow Food and Slow Money, and others. Through our conversation we’ll become better acquainted with the concepts, leading thinkers, and origins of these evolutionary trends.

Help us organize a vital dialogue that digs into the contemporary shifting landscape of our time. To schedule a gathering this Fall, contact Chris Wood at 802-498-8438.


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