October 2018 Resilience University – Enroll NOW for upcoming 2018/2019 workshops

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Just how do we build local wisdom, capacity and skills in the face of a dramatically changing climate and growing economic disparity in the rural communities of the White River watershed? 

Resilience University (Resilience U), launched by BALE in October 2018, is a series of programs aimed at just that: Call it continuing education for the life skills needed for the 21st century. Skilling and reskilling knowledge in a time when local strength and capacity will mean being more resilient.

Workshops, classes, and seminars will be conducted by area presenters in both Randolph and South Royalton from October 2018 through May 2019. Coming programs will range from skills for the kitchen, garden, farm and forest, transportation, energy, traditional wisdoms… and more. Anyone wanting to offer their wisdom is encouraged to seek a space in the programming. For more info, contact Jessica Taffet at jessica.taffet@gmail.com.

Resilience U Upcoming Workshops (please check back for additional programming):

November 14, 2018
Barbara Paulson – The Marionette Connection

Thinking creatively helps to develop grit, tenacity and an increased ability to navigate the unknown. Engaging our creative neural pathways amps up our Resilience! In this participant driven workshop, all ages are invited to explore a series of fun, interactive activities that reward experimentation. Have fun as you enhance your ability to collaborate creatively, all under the umbrella of art forms that make up the puppeteers’ trade.
Bethany Church, Randolph, VT

November 17, 2018
Cat Buxton & Henry Swayze – We Can Cool the Planet: Food, Water, Soil, Climate, Hope

The ripples of our daily choices directly impact climate change. Cat Buxton and Henry Swayze offer accessible, positive solutions that will help to cool the planet while restoring water, soil and public health. Henry covers the science of the natural systems that allow for planetary cooling and Cat digs in to understanding healthy soil and watershed function and how the average person can effect change in the backyard and in the marketplace.
BALE Commons, South Royalton, VT

December 8, 2018
Sylvia Davatz – Seed Saving
Since the turn of the 20th century we have lost over 97% of our commercial vegetable varieties. Saving seed from the vegetables in your garden offers the opportunity to reconnect with the richness of endangered history, culture, and flavor, and to preserve beloved varieties. This workshop will cover the basics of saving vegetable seeds, explaining issues of pollination, timing, spacing, annual vs. biennial varieties, isolation, and harvesting, cleaning, drying, and storing seed. Terms such as open-pollinated, hybrid, “selfer” and “crosser” will be explained, and we’ll talk about the philosophical as well as the practical benefits of preserving our irreplaceable vegetable and grain diversity.
BALE Commons, South Royalton, VT



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