Wild Edibles & Wild Mushrooms with Nova Kim and Les Hook

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BALE – Building A Local Economy – and its Resilience University announce:
Nova Kim and Les Hook present the first of a three-part series on Wild Edibles & Wild Mushrooms commonly found in Vermont with their identification and uses. This first workshop focus is on springtime edibles.
The workshop takes place at the Commons @ BALE, 35 South Windsor Street in South Royalton on Sunday, May 12 from 11 AM to 5 PM.
les and nova         As internationally recognized experts in this field, course study will draw from the instructors’ years of firsthand knowledge of collecting and marketing of wild mushrooms. You will be introduced to the concept, ethics, historical uses and environmental impact of collecting wild and introduced mushrooms, while learning the correct techniques of botanical identification; harvesting, handling and marketing including state and federal regulations.

NOTE: Wild edible plants and mushrooms will also be covered, as encountered, with the same level of intensity and scrutiny. Students interested in natural resources, marketing and entrepreneurial practices, environmental impacts and sustainability will benefit from this course.

Previous Resilience University workshops have included seed saving, bee keeping, soil health and cooling the planet, home orchard and scythe usage.

Donations are welcome. Please RSVP: john.pimental@gmail.com


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