What We Do

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Building A Local Economy (BALE)

Current projects of BALE include:

The Commons @ BALE: A community resource center — in a storefront — on the Green in South Americans Who Tell the Truth - art opening 1.jpgRoyalton, Vermont… the Commons is free and open to the public (with donations welcomed). Events held at the Commons include classes, weekly music jams, book discussion groups, meetings, film screenings and series programming, storytelling events, art openings and receptions, and much more. This beautiful room is also home to the White River Art Gallery with rotating shows of area artists.

Building Resilient Communities: BALE  hosts a series of “deep-dive” programs in Randolph and South Royalton called Building Resilient Communities and Why Build A Local Economy. These programs focus on the underlying challenges of creating resilient communities in a time of economic scarcity and ecological disruption. As with all of BALE’s work, the objective is solutions-focused initiatives and knowledge that empower and engage communities. Thus, advancing cooperative models (worker ownership, food coops, and other democratic governance systems), strong local food systems, localized energy initiatives, and creating local investment and exchange models are woven into the dialogues as solutions that will, ultimately, increase regional resilience over time.

White River Community Solar: A collaboration with the Vermont Law School’s Energy Clinic to develop a community owned and operated 150 KW solar array to power local businesses and homes with clean renewable energy.

White River Investment Club (WRIC): Now its own legal entity, WRIC is the ideal avenue to invest local money in truly local community projects. To find out more about WRIC, click HERE.

Dancing with the Cannibal Giant:  BALE is the producer of a new documentary film, unnamed-8Dancing with the Cannibal Giant: Five New Stories for the Great Transition. The film follows the stories of mostly young people working to re-imagine and recreate a world in which we want to live. Whether it’s ending racism and injustice in the food-system, listening to the words and wisdom of poet-activist-musicians singing truth to power, or seeing rural communities come to life with radical new community models, Dancing with the Cannibal Giant is a visionary resource for all those feeling the urgency for a global shift and awakening to our capacity for sustained life on this planet. To find out more and see a schedule of showings of this film, click HERE.