BALE – Building A Local Economy

BALE is a community resource center for local economic initiatives in the White River watershed of Vermont

Grounded in gratitude and deep awareness of our planetary challenge, BALE (Building A Local Economy) engages in its grBale Logoassroots community work from our home in the White River watershed of Vermont.  BALE believes we need to build appropriately-scaled solutions, from the ground up, taking back our economy, our culture, and our democratic instruments.  BALE sees itself as a very small part of an emerging global story… working for both practical on-the-ground solutions as well as committing to an inside-out approach for fundamental social change.


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Building Resilient Communities

The globalized economy drives (common) wealth into the hands of the 1% while the majority of the planet lives in scarcity.  There is a powerful antidote to that story with which we are not too familiar: localization.  BALE hosts and promotes dozens of programs each year on the many aspects of the changes we face, what we can do about them, and how we can engage our communities in changing the story from one of scarcity in the globalized economy to one of resilience and abundance in the localized one.

BALE (Building A Local Economy) is located at 35 South Windsor St., South Royalton Vermont.  Our mailing address is: BALE, PO Box 211, South Royalton, VT 05068.  Our phone number is 802-498-8438; our website is